Monday, March 12, 2012

Time to put the heater away?

My writing studio (bedroom turned office, but doesn't "studio" sound a LOT more IMPORTANT?) is in the coldest room in the house.  We're talking 58 or so when I get up on a winter morning.  Therefore, I needed some kind of supplemental heat or else not much work was going to get accomplished.

At first, I tried one of those little electric "oil" heaters that looks like an old radiator.  They do actually work ... after about six to ten hours.  It's not fast, but what was I going to do?

Find something better!

Now I have an Edenpure heater.  Bob Vella has shilled for them.  And they're supposed to be made by the Amish.  (Are they really?  Who knows.)  It works well.  It still takes a while for my office to get up to 70, but eventually it does.  The heater has a thermostat and it shuts off when the room gets to about 71.  Guess what?  It's been turning itself off a lot lately.  Why?  Sunshine streaming through my window is keeping my office toasty warm.  And it's not freezing outside.  (Of course, in the summer, it's like an oven in here.  That's why I have those sleep shades on that same window.

The other day I forgot to turn the heater on.  I didn't even miss is.

The back of winter has been broken.   Hallelujah!

(Okay, time to climb into the attack and get out the fan. )