Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm back -- with new stories

I'll bet you didn't even notice I was away.  Well, I was -- I took a long, and leisurely vacation and on it I wrote my heart out--for nearly three weeks. I wrote two short stories, and I'm working on my long-delayed fantasy saga. It's too soon to talk about that, but not about the shorts:

All her life, Carrie Burton longed for the house of her dreams. When her new real estate agent assures her that the dream is a real possibility, Carrie and her family are ecstatic to move into what seems to them like a palatial mansion. But money is tight, and all their resources go to keeping up with the Joneses…and soon Carrie’s life is one of constant conflict as her child runs wild and her marriage falls apart. There can only be one outcome.

You can find links on where to purchase it at my Backlist eBooks page.

After the death of her father, Dana Morrison noticed that her mother’s house was becoming cluttered. First she saved grocery bags, then newspapers, and empty boxes. In no time flat, her house was filled with junk, junk, and more junk! Dana made the mistake of cleaning house, but that just made matters worse when her mother decided that her trash was more valuable to her than her daughter.

You can find information on where to purchase it at my Backlist eBooks page.

I hope you'll give my latest stories a try.